To help aid in the prevention of tooth decay, sealants will be applied to any non-restored biting surface on the back teeth. This means that adults can benefit from sealants being applied to their teeth, as well as children.

A sealant is a clear, plastic-like material that provides a barrier in the pits of the tooth, eliminates the environment to decay-causing bacteria and makes the biting surfaces easier to clean.

Sealants are usually applied to the six and twelve year molars once they have erupted, but it may also be recommended to have the primary (baby) molars and premolars sealed as they appear.

Sealant material is quite durable, but at every six month recare appointment, we evaluate them to make sure they are intact. They may need to be "touched up". Depending on the chewing pattern or any habits (such as chewing hard candies or ice), sealants can last a number of years.

It has been shown that after sealant placement, the rate of dental decay can be reduce by eighty percent after one year and seventy percent after two years.